Sunday, September 16, 2012

Demo Again!

Well, this time, it's not indoors!  It's that time of year again, that we start to tear apart the yard in preparation for the winter.  I know, I know, it seems super early, but there's SOOO much of it to deal with, and lots of seeds to keep ahead of so none of the plants spread further than they are supposed to!

This growing season has been beyond weird.  We started with an early Spring, which caught things growing up out of the ground much too soon... and then they got smashed with a frost, great!  We've had intense heat, and very little rain, so everything nearly died and then would get soaked on the sporadic downpour that would occur every once and a while.  Right now, some plants have come back to do their second growing season.  Definitely not normal!

We decided that the best plan of action was to get rid of whatever we could, and start splitting things that needed to be split.  This was the plan we made Friday night while I sat miserable with day 3 of my migraine, and GW read his magazine.  We knew that Monday was yard waste pick-up, and although it will only be the first one of the season, we aren't sure what other ones are coming up, and don't want to risk missing them as we have in the past.

SO, Saturday morning, out we went.  Step one - ferns.  Done.  Some huge ones eliminated totally to make room for the smaller growing ones, all the rest simply trimmed down.  Step two - everything else. It's really a spot check overall and you can't see too much progress as a lot of things never go away.  We concentrated on grasses, weeds, overgrown things in general.  Glenn even got a chance to trim the back hedge into a bit of a rounded shape again.  Aaaaand despite all this, Jumanji lives on :)

Our back door
After some trimmin'

Round 1 of yard 'waste'.

Glenn also took a pair of clippers to the HUGE overgrown grasses on the other side of the pond.  We think we're going to put something else in there going forward, but we're not quite sure what we should choose.  We'll figure it out.

On Sunday, we did some relaxin', and some wood projects.  The 'newly' uncovered fence at the front steps finally got it's coat of stain to match the rest.  I took some time to get part-way through staining the side gate, but didn't get the bamboo part done as it wasn't taking the stain well.  Hmmmm.  A problem for another day I think.

Poor, dried out wood
Hmm, the bamboo isn't liking this. . .

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