Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The great outdoors

Happy Canada Day!!

I hope everyone has taken some time to enjoy the moderately lovely weather we've had.  I actually prefer it a bit cooler, as there's opportunity to actually get things done outside without sweating through various layers of clothing.

As I said the other day, we had been outdoors doing some work on the front garden again.  One day we'll succeed at getting it to a low maintenance world that will allow us to do other more important things… like drink tea and read the newspaper (GW).

I tried to look back for some photos of the yard in it's "before" stages, but apparently I don't have many.  I figured out that this is because it was just so 'full' that it never seemed as if I could get it all in one photo.  Seriously.  There was so much out there that whatever pictures I took at the time felt like I had accurately captured the situation, so I didn't take many.  Here's the best I could find...

Oh my… vines, huge bush to beside the stairs,
ornamental grass, more vines...
This was two years into clearing out unwanted
and fast spreading plant varieties.

And here are some photos from today to share what we've gotten done so far!
I'd say we're about 80% accomplished when it comes to this half of the front garden.

Here it is!
We've cleared out all but two of the ground covers, and put ferns in under the front window.
They'll get nice and big eventually (as we've noticed in our back garden).  We're going to take the yucca out too, as it doesn't flower often enough to be worth it, and then maybe put in a huge decorative rock or two?  We already have some, but it wouldn't hurt to have more for 'height'.

We've put a new bush to the left of the steps, and a grafted tree on the right.
There's some hostas in the planters (hope they live!) and where that huge bush was on the right,
we're going to try and put in some veggies - homestead living!!  

We felt that the stones out front were an easy way to help it feel clean and tidy

Hopefully (please, please!) we're getting somewhere on making the front garden a lot more low
maintenance… because as you know, it's 100x more 'jumanji' in the backyard!
Now it seems I have to get some window/door refinishing done.  I think it's really going to pop with the new grey/blue colour I chose.  At least I hope it will!

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  1. Wow! It looks nekkid in comparison! You must notice a change in the light inside the house, too. It looks terrific! Great job!

    1. It does look super-sparse, doesn't it? But those ferns will fill out (they've taken over the backyard anyways) so that'll help. I was just out scraping some of the left-over vine suckers too - that were taken down almost 5yrs ago. Sheesh! Progress takes forever!!

  2. We spent our weekend in the garden too! That counts as exercise right? Your front yard looks nice and tidy with just the right hint of Jumanj ;)

    1. Yay you!!! Put a couple of pics on instagram while it's still light out - I'd love to see your hard work :)

  3. Looks real nice! Esp., the stone garden to the right of the stairs (facing the door)

    1. Thanks Michael! It's been quite an undertaking - thanks for helping us get started :)