Saturday, November 3, 2012

POW! Episode 3 (Book of Knowledge)

This POW (project on a whim) was actually one that struck me ages ago.  Unfortunately though, when the motivation was there, I didn't have any of the pieces I needed kicking around the house.

POW #3 - "Book of Knowledge"

I had seen on Pinterest somewhere (oh you silly Pinterest) the idea to take all of the manuals in your house and put them into one binder.  For years now, I've been doing my best to dump any manuals or how-to thingys into the same box, but wanted a better way to have them on hand when needed.

  • a binder that zips around the outside, so if it ever got turned the wrong way, the manuals wouldn't fall all over the place
  • a whole lot of plastic sleeves
  • dividers (although I now see it wasn't worth it, so much for the $1.49 to buy them)

Once GW and I had made a trek to Staples to get what we needed, I had to wait for the inspiration again.  But it found me!  (while a sink of dishes sat there waiting)

This is pretty self-explanatory, but I can tell you that I came up with too many groups when I tried to categorize them.  Hence learning that there wasn't any point to dividers.  Flipping through the whole thing won't be too huge of a deal when something needs to be found.

One extra thing I put in were the manuals/how-to sheets I had saved from various furniture that required assembly.  IKEA stuff is usually easy to take apart, but since becoming a home-owner, I've been investing in wood pieces that are a little more complex.  I figure these how-to sheets actually have the specs for the screws and stuff on them too, just in case.

Now, go Do It Yourself!

The box of 8yrs of diligence!
Plastic pockets

Nice, tidy and easy to see!



  1. Too funny! I did mine just last weekend but didn't have the foresight to get a zipped binder - oh well. It's at least better than having them in one big pile (or several). I'd say yours is a win :)

    1. Lol, merci! I definitely enjoyed finding manuals for cell phones long dead, and a couple items I didn't even remember owning!

    2. When we're gone you'll find a drawer or two full of pamphlets, etc. That's our system. Have fun.