Thursday, March 21, 2013

Let me tell you a little something

I have to tell you a secret.

Well... it's not really a secret... but a surprise.

It was a surprise to me anyways!

I hate caulking.

Hate it!!!

I've had enough.

I actually love doing putty work on drywall.  I can spend hours fiddling with it and perfecting it.  I don't like the sanding very much, so I have developed a skill of putting on a pretty smooth layer or two of putty.  Then I only have to blend the edge once it's dry.

But this panelled wall....


I am SO done with the patching that I'm doing now.  Well, I'm not done with it, but I'm mentally finished.

I've resorted to wearing my ipod and dancing like I'm heading to the bar.  It's the only thing that keeps me doing it... at least for an hour at a time.  I can't do more than that without going out of my mind.

Remember, this is despite having corners so slick on my trim cutting, that they held themselves up without being nailed in.  Bah!

The battle continues...

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