Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Eek, the gardening begins!

So here we are again - the time of year when I'm forced to get outside and maintain Jumanji... when I'd rather be inside working on various projects instead.

While I'm still taking time each day to work on the panelled wall and music room, yesterday I found the inspiration in +10deg weather, and went outdoors!

As you may recall, I'm trying to work with potted container gardens this year because although we have a decent sized yard, there isn't any room to make a vegetable garden in the ground.

Pinterest helped out, as usual... and gave me two tips.  #1 - use packing peanuts to take up space in the bottom and make the container a bit lighter.  #2 - bury a pop bottle with some holes poked in it for deep watering during the hotter times.

The only trouble with #1 was that we bought the latest in packing-peanut technology... and they happen to be biodegradable, in water.  Crap.  SO, I put them into what I hope is a water-tight bag, and we'll see!

Dang you, technology!
Safe and dry?

Preppin begins
Nuts & pop
Ready for...

Okay, back to my crown moulding!

I've also picked up some picture frames for the 'gallery wall', and have the paint for the trim.  Keep sending your motivational vibes this way  :)


  1. Yay beans! Looking good - will you have other veggies in containers too? A whole row of those pots would look really nice :)

    1. I actually already drew up the plan (see post linked) and will have 3 pots total. I'm using what I already have, and only have one of those. Hopefully tomatoes, peppers, beans, peas and carrots for us. I hope Cda Post delivered you some seeds? I mailed them weeks ago!