Thursday, August 15, 2013

The 'un-useable' bench

When I moved in, 5 years ago, the previous owners had created a seating area behind the sunroom.  They had made it using a huge bench, almost like a daybed.  The bench was too deep for me to sit on comfortably, and it started to house creatures, so GW helped me take it out and put in two iron rocking chairs for us (which are soooo comfy).  That's where we sit every day after work, enjoying our yard.

I couldn't throw this bench away after we took it out, so for the past 3 years, it's leaned against various structures in the yard, as there wasn't really any logical home for it.  Finally, this past month, we found a semi-permanent, hopefully functional spot for it to live.

The bench before.  It's the only photo I could find, when we were all having our first meal in the house after moving stuff in.  Mmmm, Swiss Chalet.

My Aunt & Uncle sat on the bench, and you can see how deep it is! There wasn't any comfortable way to sit on it really, as you felt like you should be able to lean back...

And here's the bench now!  We put it off to the edge of the patio GW built last year.  It's a great sunny spot to lay out and it's out of the way enough that we can still put our patio table out.  We actually think that we could sit a couple of people on the bench when using the patio table, although we won't put that to the test until next weekend!

We put it up on concrete blocks
but it was hideous to look at, so...
I put a cedar wrap around it, which
was a bigger pain that it looks.
Here's the view from our chairs -
much nicer than concrete blocks!

I have a couple of other wood projects in mind, but have to wait until my birthday before I know whether I need to go out and buy some tools or if they'll make their way here some other way ;)

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