Saturday, February 8, 2014

What to do in -12degC?

For the first time in many years, we're having a really Canadian winter up here.  It's ridiculous.  My area has been getting snow since November 24th (I think that was the day), so I'm starting to feel the need to get moving on some things instead of just snuggling in on the couch.

My latest plan of attack is one that's well overdue, but one that I've been having a hard time starting.

We all have this problem... don't lie, you really do - even if it's not that overwhelming.  But in my case, there are two challenges to this issue:

1) some of this hasn't been touched since I moved in to the house in August 2008... and it wasn't really even touched/sorted as I was moving out from my apartment.

2) once I got a house with a basement, all of my childhood things came along too.  Some that I hadn't even made the choice to save, but nonetheless, here it all is.

My project is sorting out the basement.  UGH!

Here are the before pictures, so that I can stay motivated.  

I've just spent 2hr down there and can't feel my hands.  That's another challenge with an unfinished, uninsulated basement.  You can only go so long before you start dropping things due to your cold hands ;)  Once I warm up again, back down I'll go, and hopefully... there will be some after photos to share before the weekend is done!

Everything on the left is the childhood bedroom pile

This is the back corner of where I do my woodwork - so it'll always be
in some state of disaster

This is the other side of the workshop

This is GW's pile of stuff.  He's already sorted it . . . Hmmm ;)

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