Friday, June 6, 2014

Project 2: Gatsby Marquee!

As I mentioned, May was filled with two very big and very important projects.  #1 was the "Sarah in Wonderland" wedding shower for my sister.

The second was my first official commissioned piece of carpentry!  I've talked to lots of folk about various things that they want (which GW thinks will never happen... but I'll get there!), but when Amy of Unmistakably You wedding coordination asked for this special piece, it had a deadline so there was no dilly-dally'n!  

She was doing the coordination and decor for a Gatsby themed wedding on May 31st.  Such an amazing theme.  So amazing.

Anyways, she wanted a marquee frame with lights that had a chalkboard in the middle, but also the possibility to put a poster in it.  She had the lights for me, so I grabbed those and got started designing. 

It took a bit of figuring to get the best solutions for the challenges I ran into, and to also make it something affordable so it didn't cost Amy a fortune to have as part of her rental decor.  Yup, that's right - available for an event in southern ontario!  Just ask Amy :)

Here we go!!

I got door trim over 3" wide
that had a centre recess section
Measured & drilled holes in the
recessed part of the trim
To hold the lights, I attached a 1x2
and drilled the holes through this

I made a frame to support the trim
and lights using 1x2
Then attached the light trim pieces
to the frame piece
I got a mini piano hinge to attach
a piece of 1/8 board to the back
I took another piece of 1/8 board
and cut it to the size she wanted
I used mirror clips to hold it in
at the bottom
And clips (that swivel) to lock in
the 1/8 board once it was in place
I put all the wiring in with those
clips you use for phone lines
There sure were a lot of them,
but it was the last step!
I finished it with gold paint on the
trim, and chalkboard paint inside

Amy got these shots from the wedding
It lit the way outside the wedding hall.
She said it was a hit!

I'm so proud of it - mostly because of the 'figuring' I had to do, and did successfully!  And it doesn't look half bad either ;)


  1. Looks really good. You're getting better with every project. Well done (again). L - D.

    1. Thanks!! I already have another commissioned piece for Amy, but it's not nearly as elaborate :)