Sunday, November 23, 2014

Wedding gift: Mug shelf

This past weekend, we were blessed to be celebrating the marriage of GW's long-time friend and roommate (of 9 years).

For our wedding, they gave us a beautifully made serving platter.  Made by hand.  The bride does amazing pottery.

So, for their wedding, I thought we could return the favour with something that might suit the bride's hobby and be a unique gift in their home.  I found a photo of one that I liked, and then got the okay from the couple (no sense in spending all that time building it if they weren't interested) and got moving on building a mug display shelf!

Once I got the dimensions figured out (32" tall, inside shelves somewhere around 6.5" wide) I fashioned myself a handy little cutting guide.  This allowed me to quickly chop all of the inside shelves to the same size.  It was great to fly through them, and also good to know I didn't have to measure each one, but they'd all be the same width.  I got all the pieces cut first, and then started assembling them with glue and my nail gun.

Not too shabby eh?  I hope it'll be a great showcase for her amazing pottery.  I'm also hoping that I can make another one or two of these for sale in the Waugh Woodshop once spare time becomes a little more available.

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