Sunday, May 17, 2015

"Vintage" Shoe Rack

Despite me slowly piecing together the sunroom to make it an actual room to enjoy, there was still one hurdle that we couldn't get by; our shoes.  There isn't room in our back entryway to have our shoes go inside, so they stay in the sunroom. This also helps with keeping some dirt out of the house, but it did result in a big pile of shoes all the time.

The "before" photo was our latest great idea to make enough room for all of our shoes, but it didn't seem to last long as a solution.  My shoes were tucked in the back, and it wasn't really conducive to us both coming home at the same time which we do a lot.  Anyways…

I was inspired by a shoe rack I had seen on Pinterest.  Isn't it gorgeous?  I happily clicked along through a few links to get to the main page for the image…

… and found that the post was actually telling me how to make the chalkboard calendar.

Ummm, crap.

I read a bit further and she explained how she found this great old shelf at a flea market.  Double crap.

So I had to start from scratch, as I tend to do anyways, and build something custom to fit the exact space in our sunroom where we needed our shoes to go.

Now, I have to provide 1,000 apologies… I didn't take any progress photos.  Shoot.  Dang it. Darn.

I can tell you the steps though - measure, cut, sand/stain/poly, assemble shelves, assemble frame, put it all together.  Taadaa!  It wasn't really that simple, and has been taking up snippets of my time for weeks now, but it's finally done.  Both GW and I are pleased with how it fits in to the room, and pleased that it actually fits our shoes.  Getting GW's size 13s in there was a bit of a challenge, but a bonus as I don't think I see any man shoes in the inspiration photo!

Taaaa Daaaa!

It doesn't look quite as impressive in the photo as it does in real life.  
The top piece is nice and smooth for setting things on (and also nearly 14" deep!)... and each face line of the shoe hole has been trimmed out so it's not unfinished.  I might have to pull all the shoes out again to put a sheet of bounce in the back of each cubby to keep mice away, but we'll see how it goes

Also a bonus, there's finally room in the basement so I can move on to a creative replica for KTan!

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