Sunday, March 11, 2012

Nearly Spring, 2012

Today it was at least 15degC out, and it's only March 11th.  Amazing!

In taking advantage of the nice weather, we headed out to the yard to battle the vines.  After moving in August 25th, 2008, I said we'd give the vines a chance.  Well, they've had it.  They started to take off downspouts, destroy the pointing between bricks, but I think the last straw was them (for some reason) starting to burrow underneath periwinkle to creep away from the house.  So, out we went, and chop we did.

The side of the house
I had managed to do the side of the house on my own the other day, so we went out to the front of the house.  While getting the shovel out of the garage, Glenn heard the raccoon that I had seen a couple seasons ago, and in turning around, also noticed all the things that El Raccoon had knocked over.  This included wood, christmas lights, containers, and the 6ft ladder.... into my RX8.  GRRRR.

El Raccoon's antics broke the back tail-light, put three 3" vertical dents along the fender, and left a black scratch that won't polish out.  Amazing.  So, in addition to having to replace the back left side due to the 2+ inches of water in it (no idea how) I also have to do the back right side.  

This adventure also reminded us that we needed to patch the front of the garage, so after I had chased the  intruder out, I stood guard while Glenn went to get some of our leftover drywall from upstairs.   One of the to-do items is to drop all that off at the dump, but we're glad we had it this afternoon.  We put three pieces across, in the hopes that it'll hold up until we can go get some real wood to redo it properly.  Quite frankly, I think we've had enough of drywall.... although after all the work upstairs, neither of us is really scared of it anymore :)

Upstairs walls, done!

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