Saturday, March 17, 2012

St. Paddy's Day!

Happy March 17th!  It's truly a beautiful day out, and unfortunately that means head trauma for me (B).  One day I'll start being able to fully enjoy a sunny day after a miserable one.

Nonetheless, we went out today to get a few items from Home Hardware after catching some sun in the yard.  Glenn had a great nap while I got my first mini sun burn of the season.  Pokaroo came out of it a-okay despite how she generally sits in the sun until she makes herself sick, literally.

Our Home Hardware adventure was to get a couple ingredients for things that I plan to do to rescue our yard from ants and mosquitos.  We Have Tonnes!

The line of mini leaf/wood piles are from the ants

The ants are everywhere under the ground/garden.  So much so, that I'm afraid the yard will cave in one day - a sink hole, great.  It only became really apparent when I noticed that things in the yard were moving on their own.  An ant trap placed deep within the garden would show up in the centre of our ring of grass the next morning - some 3ft away.  Or, as you can see above, the areas which are supposed to be covered in pebbles would end up with teepees of wood bits and leaves whenever it rained (they're trying to protect their homes from flooding I guess).

I'm going to try this recipe I found through a link on Pinterest.  It's from which I guess is a community group where folks can post recipes of sorts.  The recipe itself looks quite simple, so once I can find a container to use (I forgot before I put them all out for recycling a couple of days ago) . . . then I'm good to go.

Ant bait/Killer from

Let me know if you try it too! (you can comment below)


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