Saturday, December 31, 2011

POW! Episode 1 (Roses to Spices)

Today's POW:  Episode 1 - From rose bush to spice drawer organizer

I was out in the garden watering my rose bush (which is actually coming back to life, thankfully!) and I noticed a bug on there eating a leaf.  Be Gone Bug I remarked, while pulling off the leaf.  I threw it out (what else do you do) and thought about our huge rose bush out front and how it gets bugs every year.

Then I thought of how I used to spray something onto the roses as a kid to keep bugs off, and remembered that it smelt like garlic.  So....

... into the kitchen I went, to get some garlic powder to make a magic potion to go spray the roses out front... but we didn't have enough garlic powder.

So I went into the basement to go through the extra stock of spices... and refilled each spice container one by one - without finding the extra garlic powder (grrr).

But I Did notice that the spice drawer was a disaster, and I couldn't handle it.

SO . . . I went back downstairs to find a couple pieces of wood, I went upstairs to my saw to cut them to the right size, and then I put them in with a couple drops of wood-glue (to each other, not to the drawer) . . . and Voila!

and That's how watering my roses turned into a spice drawer organizer!

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