Sunday, July 22, 2012

Back to Living Socially

After all the drama, we've had business to take care of... but we finally found some time this week to get out and socialize a bit.

On Thursday, Andrea, Sean, their new Baby Hayley and little pup Dexter came over for dinner.  It was our first chance to meet Hayley, and she was good as pie while she was here :)  Glenn played Super-Husband for the night and made us an amazing meal; bbq chicken, with asparagus, beans, mushrooms and pineapple.  Ange made us an amazing ice cream/mars bar pie.  So good!  Glenn's cooking gave Andrea and I a chance to visit which we really hadn't had since the start of the new year.  Motherhood definitely suits her :)  Sean and Glenn had some discussion about brisket (can't remember how we got there), and I've been advised since that there's a recipe he's saved from the Globe & Mail.  It's his August project apparently.  We'll see!

Friday we actually ended up with invitations out x 3, so it seems everyone was out socializing that night!  After a hard week at work (for me), we spent our evening going for a hot tub night with Sherry & Jeff.  It was, as usual, a great time to catch up and relax together with some snacks (Thanks Sherry!) and some beverages.  It was also the first time we've ever seen their daughter Addie up, as usually she's in bed by the time we get there, and Hayden is just going down.  The summer snuck into their lives though, and the late sunset has made the two kids into party goers as well :)  So cute!

Saturday, we slept in for the first time in ages, and lazily got about doing some minor chores.  I continued on with doing the putty and sanding of the trim work upstairs.  The trouble with being obsessed with details is that you'll do things over and over.   I have yet to try and sand out the details while recreating the piece of wood that has broken off, but I'm nearly there.  Glenn went and sanded some of the front porch banister, and hopefully we can get another section done before the weekend's out.

The corner I have had to rebuild
The closet window

For our evening excitement, we headed out with Casey for her 26th Birthday - wheee!  We ended up at Jack Astor's downtown on the patio upstairs.  It was a great turnout, and I believe a good, judgy, laughy, loud time was had by all.  Glenn and I walked home, which didn't take too long at all, but I forgot to go to the washroom before leaving the bar, so had to really motor it once we got en route.  We also forgot to leave the outside lights on, oops.  I'm thinking we should get a timer or something for out there.

Sunday was another day for relaxing although Glenn went for a run, while I painted one of the window trim sets.  Ahh... one done.  The second one should be mostly dealt with by tonight, if I get to it in a few minutes.  I actually found that the brush I was using was in horrible shape, so put painting on hold so I could soak the brush in hot vinegar.  Once I'm done here, that's where I'll head first I believe.  Hopefully we'll also head to Home Hardware to get some tremclad paint for the front banister, and once the sun goes behind the house we can get out there.

The railing in need of a new coat of paint

Have a great week all!!

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