Thursday, July 26, 2012

Last week of summer school!

Almost :)

Glenn is very much looking forward to the last couple of days, and as of August 1st, he's in holiday land!!  I'm sure Poka will love to have the company, and if Glenn gets bored enough to do some things around the house, then we'll have lots more to share!

At the end of last Sunday, I did actually get the time to go and paint a section of the front banister.  Up close it looks kind of crappy (because the previous paint came off in patches), but as a general overview, it looks pretty good!  I got us a dark brown paint which goes great with the dark brown/red bricks of the house.  I've decided the black wooden storm door has to be painted dark brown (it needs a new coat anyways) and the front door itself needs to be a different colour too.


On Monday, while I went out for dinner w/ Megan to catch up after her return from 2 months in Hong Kong, Glenn took the hedge trimmers out to cut down most of the hedge at the side of the front step.  We cut it back every couple of years, but it really takes over out there.  Unfortunately, it's another example of a plant placed in a spot that's not big enough for it's full grown version.  There's a few of those here in the yard, and I'm not up for cutting them back frequently and drastically.  I'm not sure what we'll put there once we pull it out, but it's made a HUGE difference in opening up the front door already.  Looks like we might get to be those folk that sit out on the stoop and watch the traffic go by :)

The bush grew past the stair railing often...
it was trimmed in this picture
A WHOLE new section of porch!

Tuesday I got more of the painting done on the front banister... it's something I find quite relaxing, so I've been glad to do it.  While I was out there, I saw a couple of people going into Colin's house next door to look at it!  Yay!  Apparently while Glenn was in the kitchen later on, he saw the man come back with his wife and smaller kid.  Yay again!  We'll see :)  They're a late 30's Arabic family it appears, but we'll have to keep an eye out for developments to come.  The stupid real estate agent still hasn't put it up on MLS.  I should do it for him. Geez.

Wednesday was a whole lotta nada, which is a-okay!  OH, but we got the RX8 started again.  Phew :)  But now the sad process of selling it starts up again.  I called and got the insurance for the car sorted out today (Thursday), and also emailed back and forth w/ my home insurance claim adjuster and hopefully that'll be sorted (submitted) by mid next week.  Yah, we already did it once, but it has to be revised and then approved I think?  I really haven't got much of an explanation about how the process works, which is quite disappointing.  With my company (insurance too), all our policies are online, and our process is very clear - the criteria for benefits are right there.  We tell you the what-if scenarios, and just what you'll be able to get.  Home insurance through a private carrier is apparently different.  I might change my tune once it's all settled, but I'll write a separate post on that I think.

Tomorrow's Friday, and we've got our first house guest coming to stay in the 'new' guest room.  Joel (Best Man) is swinging into town for Friday night before he and Glenn head up north on Saturday to join the rest of the guys.  Pokey and I will (hopefully) be hard at work here, and not get into too much bubbly with GW gone :)

Our old bedroom, the New Guestroom!
Our bed used to be on the blank wall beside the chair
Managed to fit our faux fireplace in there!

Have a great weekend everyone!!

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