Sunday, August 26, 2012

BAM! Patio's done :)

It appears that GW was on a mission this weekend, as the patio is done!  Yaaaay!  And we've already broken it in!  Yay again!  Here's how we got the last bits done . . .

On Friday, we took the day to go out and hunt down the pea stone that was used between the flagstone that's already in the backyard.  We hadn't seen it at the place where we got our new flagstone, so we looked up some other supply stores in London and headed out.  4 places later, we came up short.  Well, that wasn't what we expected.  How hard is it to find 3/8" coloured pea stone?  Apparently very hard.

From there we came home to meet my parents.  They had come into town to drop off my birthday present and to have some birthday lunch with us.  They got me a great tool chest, as for years now, I've been using a mini one I got from dollarama and it's really not keeping up with my growing tool collection.  SO, once the hours can be found, that's one of my next tasks (set it up, organize it).

Okay - so I've tried to find a photo of the pea stone and of the toolbox, but I can't find any.  My camera cable hasn't arrived from Hong Kong yet (c'mon) so although I can get photos off the memory card, now the battery has died so I can't take any new ones.  I did manage to take a couple photos with the computer of the patio, but they came out reversed (like in a mirror?).  Hunh.

ANYWAYS, what else did we get up to this weekend.  I got a couple treats on Saturday to celebrate my step into my 31st year (YAY Birthday!!); a couple sparkly surprises from Glenn (can't wait for a special occasion to wear them :P), and something green from M&D Waugh which we used to get a Starbucks beverage when we gave up on the pea stone.  But wait!  After getting our 'Bucks, and driving home to do what we could to the patio before guests arrived, we found a small garden centre in a residential area, and yup... he had it there.  A full skid of our elusive pea stone.  Talk about Birthday surprises!!!  and THEN when we got home, there was a Sold sign on Colin's house.  Goodness!

Glenn powered through the patio while I did the general clean and tidy of the house the rest of the afternoon.  By 7pm, we were well into enjoying our company and shortly thereafter, our new patio as well!  We learned that the patio space itself has shade from the apple trees for hours, and dinner was a great success.  I'll let the photos speak for themselves, but overall I think we had a great, accomplished weekend!



(this is the mirror imaged one from the webcam)

Never again (for the foreseeable future) will we have to mow or weed a lawn.  Ahhhhh.

What's up next?  :)


  1. Wow! Looks awesome! Great job Glenn (and Beth of course). Great luck on the pea stone, and oh boy - you can look forward to getting to know a new neighbour soon ;)

    1. Super luck, eh? It looked a bit light yesterday, but after the rain this morning/afternoon, they've proven to be a SUPER GOOD match. Phew!

  2. Wow! from me, too! I`m so impressed. I was lamenting the loss of your `green spot`, but the patio looks so good that I`ve rethunk. It looks fabulous! Great slugging, Glenn! Great supervising, Beth!

    1. Thanks! Pokey hasn't appeared to miss the grass at all yet. Phew!