Saturday, September 1, 2012

What's Next?

After having all the bits of drama since the start of May, things were starting to take their toll. More so on me, BW, and thus in turn, the ever patient GW.  It's quite exhausting trying to plug forward with life when it feels like the world is so determined to slap you a bit at every turn. That's where Mr. Patience comes in.

As you've read, we took time to put pieces back into the puzzle of normality, and thankfully GW was great at getting done what I couldn't, and I was good at making sure the steps to get there were at least identified.

Noting that, and a month off for him, two weeks for me, it's starting to feel like normal again. Well, almost.  Enough to make me start to wonder what' next and to begin being open to looking at new things and new projects, which is what I'm going to share today.  Now, these aren't going to get done in any set time frame - no need to set ourselves up for disappointment. . . but they're on our radar.  I'm also going to start chronicling things differently on here.  I had thought more about projects vs. diary.  Any thoughts?

So, what's left and what's next?


Despite the windows being done (yay trim and film!) and the baseboards being half on (and caulked!) there's still quite a bit of woodwork to do up there.  I'll have to pull out some of the baseboards to re-set them (oops), then cut and install the closet doorway trim, then the decorative trimwork for the hidden panels... and done?

Music room:

I'm super excited about this one, although it's going to be quite a project... and unfortunately not a free one either.  Piece by piece, we'll get there though!  What we're going to do is put in a panelled wall along one side, and then bookshelves on the other (built-in? maybe not), and then some furniture and other 'manly' decor items.  Last and not least, we're going to change out the entrance door to be one of the french doors that I got off kijiji last summer (or earlier?) - 3 for $50!  Real wood, nice glass... fingers crossed that the only challenges we face are simple ones!!

Standing at the window, that's the entrance on the left -
This is the wall we might use for bookshelves?
Standing in the entrance, that door goes upstairs -
this wall will be the panelled one

Basement work island:

Right now we have a wall (kind of a useless one) between our washer/dryer and a 'nook' that's about 5ft wide with a window in it.  Ummm... great.  The wall blocks the light from going much further than there, and right now it's just shelves and crap I have to sort through.  Since the wall isn't structural, we're going to take it out, and put in a working island instead.  It'll be 'bar height' at about 40-42" and is being made with a tv entertainment unit we got off kijiji for $5.

Once the area is cleaned out, the wall is down, the unit is painted, and we've put on a tabletop w/ legs on the other side (so I can pull up a bar stool for craft work) . . . then we'll have more light, some storage and a place to fold laundry before it makes the trek upstairs.

$5 shelf.  Bam!
The wall that needs to come down
The window and 'storage' behind
the wall.

What else?

Well, the 'usual' day to day things, including gardening, the seal on the toilet, caulking woodwork/bathroom, weather guarding the doors/windows, . . . . there are TONNES more, but I can't even begin to think about them right now.  I truly hope that they just get stumbled upon around here, and then done right away.  Now that's optimism, right?

What do you think should be first?  Leave us a comment . . . or the date you're free to help :)


  1. Do the work island in the basement. I think it might be a "start, do, finish" thing, something you can see the end of before you start. There might be lots of finicky hidden things to do in the other projects that won't give you the satisfaction as quickly as the work island. I could be wrong...

    1. Merci! That's what GW and I had thought too. Take advantage of the nice weather left to refinish the entertainment unit, then get moving on putting it downstairs - hopefully with not too many steps. I fear though, that one step is dealing with all the boxes that are down there.