Friday, August 17, 2012

First week of vacay!

Glenn has already had one week of vacation, but I've just started my first.  After getting our new computer on Saturday, and taking some time to get that set up, we started to get back to regular chores that need to get done around the house.  Well, chores and the dreaded "to do" list.

On Sunday we hopped out to Home Hardware to get a couple of items.  Garden bags were in short supply around here, and in order to finish my window trim, I had to get some rasps.  The old "sand-paper-in-hand" wasn't making easy work of reshaping the one corner that had been broken off.  While I sanded, then puttied, then sanded and gardened in between, Glenn did the dirty work of weeding the section by the sidewalk.  We're now one front garden section away from being totally weeded out there.  Once we tear down the whole front (pull out all plants except for the limited few we want to keep) then we can start building it back up again.

There's some crazy twisting vine weed that keeps coming up out here.
Looks good for now!
Monday I got to sleep in, YAY!  We then took the opportunity of having a nice day to go walk downtown with Pokaroo.  I had to get my new planner that the Oxford Book Shop orders for me each year, and then we stopped in the Home Hardware down there hoping to find a small pail of stain that our local one didn't have when we went Sunday.  Glenn also started tearing out our back patch of grass (the ONLY patch of grass) so that we can turn it into patio.

View from our chairs
View from the pond - G'Bye grass!

While he was hard at work down there... I finished the trim upstairs!  FINALLY.  Well, finally re: window trim.  There's still other trim to go :)

You can see my 'patch' in the top left
Got the primer on, and then the paint
Ahhh, done!  Can barely see the patch.
Tuesday was a super rainy day, and we ended up basically curling up on the couch to watch the rest of Downton Abbey (GREAT show, thanks Kelly!) before I headed to the Farm later in the afternoon.  I was there until Wednesday, stealing photos and having some great food.  Glenn was away Wednesday in Toronto anyways picking music for the school year with another teacher, so I thought I'd take the time to visit the fam.  Once we got back, we had a couple friends over for a drink and a catch up before preparing for another sleep in the next morning.  Ahhh... those are so great!

Thursday I went out front and repainted the sections of banister that hadn't cured properly because it rained last time after I was out there.  Sigh... such is DIY.  After I did the repainting, I started a couple more new sections and then headed inside once the weather started to take a turn again.  Luckily it didn't rain, it just threatened to!  While Glenn was out doing music stuff again, I took more time to wash a few of our couch cushions (can they be saved?) and to apply window film to one window upstairs.  It's pretty easy to apply, and hopefully will keep a lot of the UV rays off our clothes, and keep the heat out of the upstairs.

Let's see what this weekend holds, shall we!

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