Monday, August 6, 2012

Was that a long weekend?

So that was a long weekend?  Unfortunately not all went as planned around here, but we managed to get a few things done.

After our last post, we were blessed to have a couple dinner invitations to attend while awaiting the weekend.  On Thursday, we went for dinner over to Seth & Amy's house (colleagues in a couple ways).  They have the cutest house and have it up for sale right now to move into something bigger.  Dinner was amazing, and we were both full of steak and rich cheese well past breakfast!

Friday we went out for dinner w/ Casey to help her use up a gift certificate after some confusion at a restaurant a couple weeks before.  Despite having a migraine, I gladly enjoyed some chicken fingers while CC and GW had a burger each.  Mmmmm.  A quiet night in otherwise, as yup, I was feeling like crap.

Saturday Glenn went to down getting some chores done - the huge bush out front that was taking over our front step is gone now.  Whee!  All the bits and pieces were wrapped up for collection by the end of the weekend, and were gone Tuesday morning.  I was pretty "done" still with my head (seriously...) and then that night, GW went out to enjoy the patio weather, and my head got SOOO much worse.  No medication would touch it (not natural, over the counter, or prescription) . . . and I think the combination of everything I tried only made it angrier.  I wasn't feeling nauseated though, thank goodness, but ended up throwing up because of the pain.  That was new.  Yikes.  Hopefully never again . . . but next time, if it keeps up after 10hrs (when it broke this time), I'll be headed to the ER.  By Sunday morning it was down to about a 7/10... then a 5/10... and then by Monday I nearly felt normal.

We managed to get outside again Monday during the day and made a huge dent on the front yard.  I think I'm starting to get my head wrapped around what should be done out there . . . it'll just take a few years.  I'll have to draw it out and keep my eye on the neighbourhood to see if the plants that I want will do well where I want them to go.

Glenn's project.  He got to non-selectively tear everything out.
  He saved yellow irises and our mini black eyed susan thingys
My task was turning the left side of this photo into
the middle section.  I was selectively pulling weeds
vs. plants, trying to get rid of some nasty spreaders.

In the meantime... short work week ahead!
And yes, seriously - despite the manufacturer being 'out of stock' of my camera cable, China still had one (?) and so it's on it's way!  Photos soooon!

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