Monday, October 22, 2012

Happy Anniversary! (to us)

Happy 1 Year Anniversary to Us!

A year ago today, Glenn and I had the best wedding (yes, I'll say it) we could have ever hoped for.  Every detail met our desires, and we created a unique and wonderful celebration of our love.

In honour of our great day, and a great year (not without it's drama, of course) we celebrated with a couple of small tokens yesterday and today.  Our family sent cards and gifts (Thank You!) and we each stuck with tradition and got each other something paper related  :)

To celebrate together, we had hoped to be going away this past weekend, but it didn't work out.  Never fear!  We got lots of little tasks done (which helps the homefront feel more relaxed overall) and actually were lucky enough to squeeze in a mini photo-shoot for our 1yr!

Our friend and Bridal party member Andrea had gotten some photos taken of her baby Hayley a little while ago by MKA Creative Studio.  The images were lovely, and we saw that there was the possibility of an opening for the weekend, so we got in touch.  Melissa was great to work with, and we're super excited to see the pics.  Check her out on FB if you're in the London area;  MKA Creative Studio.

In the meantime, enjoy this sneak-peak from our 1 year, while we digest our GREAT dinner from The Keg (Wellington) tonight.  Mmmmmmmm :)

We had some done of Pokey too!  Look at that glorious mohawk blowing in the wind :P

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