Sunday, October 21, 2012

Window film & Craft Room: Part 2

We had planned to be away this weekend, but it wasn't working out the way we had hoped it would, so we decided to save the cash this time :)  There are always things to be done around the house, so we took the gift of time to get some things done.

I had already done some work finishing up the painting of the side gate, but had forgotten to blog it over a week ago - so here it is!  It's really dark, which matches the window trim on the garage, but for having it faded for 4yrs, iI'm still not used to it being so... Pow... right there when we come up the walk.

Before ...
... during ...
... after!

We have two windows on our main floor that face the driveway of our neighbours.  One window is in the guest room (our old bedroom) and the other is in the future music room.  The guest room one wasn't a big deal when we lived in there, as we never had the blinds open anyways.  Now that's it's the guest room, we thought it might be nice for our guests not to have to worry about street lights and the driveway next door.  So, that got the special treatment, but only after we decided the music room DESPERATELY needed it too.

With living upstairs, we have come to realize that passing by the music room window every day has it's challenges.  The window is located behind the door that goes to our bedroom upstairs. Now, it's not exactly "behind" the door, but right after it.  SO, given that we're in various states of undress when we come downstairs most days, getting by that window is a bit of a game.  If there's any light, whether inside or outside, you have to stop at the door, peek to make sure no one is in the driveway, then dash across the thigh-to-shoulder height, 28" wide window.  Eeep!

SO, today, we can confirm that both windows are covered, and instead of an actual graphic view of the life in here, our neighbours will only get a hazy skin coloured blur should they happen to look over.  I know, it's really not the right age for the house, but the other options weren't as simple or appealing (stained glass, shutters, etc).  This window film stuff goes on relatively well, and comes off very easily.

That's better!

I also conned GW into helping out with one more section of drywall, this time in the basement. We needed to cut a section out that had some ick on it, and replace it with a new piece we had hanging around the garage.  He got it dealt with on Friday night so that by Saturday afternoon, I had already gotten two coats done on the mud.  It's the last section that has to be dealt with before the painting can be complete.  I've already got two coats of the nice light blue on the other walls, so just this last one to go.  I thought the blue was, well, less 'blue' when we picked it, but although it's not exactly what I envisioned, it looks good up on the wall!

The huge patch.  Huge.
See the blue?  Ahhhhhh, calming.

Something else we got done in the craft room was to put up two boards I've had kicking around for ages.  One is a white board, with magnetic properties, and the second is a good old fashioned cork board.  They've taken over the wall, but hopefully they'll prove to be useful!  I'm going to put some sort of shelf/catch-all underneath the white board to even out the look of the two of them on the wall together.  Or maybe some wood trim around the whole white board? Hmmmm...

Wall: bare
Wall: dressed!

This morning (Sunday), we were expecting a welding guy to come over to fix the banister on the front steps.  It's been a long time coming, and part of me felt that he wasn't going to show (as is the case with trying to get home repairs done).  BUT, he did!

At 9:30am we heard a motor start, and thought it was our new neighbours doing some more yard work, as they appear to be doing an overhaul?  Glenn went to check, but it was actually Blair, our welding guy.  Yaaaaayyyyy!  He quoted us $150, but it only took him an hour so he charged us $70 instead.  Thank you, honesty!

Time took it's toll.
1 of 4 areas that needed help
The flash from the welding.
All fixed, now, to paint!

Looks good eh?  Now all that's left of destruction and repair is for me to paint the repaired spots. Perhaps another day though, Sunday brunch is next on my list :)

Happy Sunday everyone!

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