Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Remember the window garden?

One of my Project On a Whim moments resulted in a little window garden.  I was quite pleased that it seemed to work really well, and am looking forward to using the little system again.

The beans had gotten too tall for me to keep them inside, so I planted them in the garden.  Yup, that didn't work out.  Serves me right for trying this so far into what should be harvest time.  Oh well.  I did leave the peas in the pod sitting happily on the window.  I didn't have the heart to toss them when they were still alive.

Look what's happened!!!

See?  The beans wanted to go outside.

The peas beside them, however, seemed too harmless and too innocent to be dumped for death.  I thought there'd be no harm in leaving them to sit on the window sill.  

Well, they kept growing.  As if they'd actually produce veggies inside.

Looky there!


That photo was taken a few days ago... as there's now TWO flowers.... with ONE pea in the pod?!?!

I have to find a way to 'stake' them up on the window because once the pea starts getting some girth to it, the whole thing is going to flop over.  You can't really see from the photo, but the plant is actually 3x this height, and is folded over itself (to the right).

I guess if I can't find a suction cup or two to hold them onto the window, I'll be heading to Home Hardware sometime soon!

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