Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Craft Room: Part 1

It has begun.  Remember the post I wrote a while ago about the projects that were next on my list of things to get done?  (or pessimistically, the things left to do?)

Well, I got one started!  I had a burst of energy this week, and got moving.  Glenn was off doing something else (I can't recall what), so down I went and started tearing apart the drywall of the wall that divides our laundry room from the 'closet'.  In one night, the drywall was gone.  Bam!

Craft room to the left, laundry to the right
Here we go!

Now my friends, fear not, this wasn't a structural wall.  I couldn't actually tell for sure when the drywall was up, but I was pretty confident that I wasn't going to have an issue (given the layout of the beams, the support columns, the roof line, etc).  Well, I was VERY confident in my uneducated opinion when I took the drywall off and saw this:

Yup, those studs don't actually go anywhere,
and there's no header.
The next day, Glenn went out for a run.  I stealthily waited on the couch until he had left, so he'd be surprised at the changes when he came home.  The minute he was out the door, I jumped up to get started.

I tried taking a hammer to the nails at the top of the wood - No good.  I tried wiggling the whole wall - Not any better.  SO, like any good Wife, I rolled up my sleeves and put on my game face.  I grabbed my circular saw (a little bummed I didn't have a reciprocating saw, but for one job, I couldn't justify buying a new tool). . . put on my PPE (safety first!) and cut down the stupid wall.  WHEEE!  Glenn was mighty surprised when he came home :)

Before. . . (you can kind of see the dryer on the right)
After. . . (dryer on the right)
SOOOO much better!

It has opened up the room SO much, and hopefully in another week or so, the room will be finished!  All that's left is to do is paint the tv unit I got to use as the base of the island, and then to put the island together!  Hopefully the paint I got looks okay on it.

I have a Lady-Do weekend coming up in November, so that's going to be my motivation to get this done, so we'll have a beautiful craft room to work in.  Soon!!

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