Thursday, October 11, 2012

Woot Woot! Wedding excitement lives on!

Glenn and I had a beautiful wedding, a gorgeous one... super unique, personalized, different.  We heard great things about it, and were so glad our guests enjoyed the day as much as we did.

For some time thereafter, we had been submitting the photos from our wedding to a couple magazines.  I think three in total.  We had two mags interested in putting us in their online features, but didn't end up with confirmation about one in print.  Given that a life goal of mine was to have "a work of mine published", I didn't really feel like online only counted.

Our photographer Brent Foster had heard from The Wedding Ring magazine that ours was chosen for print.  Yay!  We got a two page spread with an interview and everything :)

Check it out for yourself on their website here:  The Wedding Ring

Want to know the best part?  Something we didn't know about until it was ready for print?


There's my face... LIFE-SIZED (?!?) . . . . . . . and there's the two page spread we have inside the mag!

Brent confirmed for me early September that they had told him one of his images made the cover, but he didn't know which one.  He decided to keep this part a secret, which was a good thing, as I would have worried over it for the whole time had I known about it.  It wasn't the photo either of us thought that they would choose, but gooooo me!

The magazine itself can be purchased in Chapters (that's where Glenn took the photo of me beside the mag) if you really feel that you have to have a copy :P  Goodness knows we bought a couple, lol.

Yay Cover Girl!

This was definitely the icing on the 'wedding cake' to round out our first year of marriage :)

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