Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Princess and the Pea

A while ago, I wrote a post about the window garden I started way too late in the season. Pinterest got me inspired, so I thought I'd see if growing seeds in a coke bottle worked.  Well, it did!

As a result, I ended up with some plants that I didn't have the heart to toss out (I still don't), and the two plants decided to make me some peas.  Away they grew, and out I went to buy some suction cups to help hold them tall against the window.  There was a short time that they looked a bit unhappy, but I blame the cold snap we had there, which went away.


The plant had two pods on it, and for a few days there wasn't much going on.  Then I could see that one pea was starting to take shape.  It seemed that all the energy of both plants was going into this one pea.  It didn't take much more than a week from that point, and ... Dinner is Served!  The pea was ready for picking :)

There it is!
One pea in the pod
Looks good!

It tasted good too!  Window-ledge fresh :)

The second half of this story?

I know the Princess and the Pea is about a whole bunch of mattresses, but I'm talking about a couch today.

We have had this couch since I moved in here in September 2008.  I got it from IKEA, and I bought a white cover (at the time, it was just me, I figured I could manage to keep it clean).

Well, a year later, Hubby joins me, and I own up to my inability to wash it regularly.  In my defence, while the pillow covers can be handled easily (they really do wash well), the full couch part didn't fit in our washer without stress, and the arms were the dirtiest part (ahem, tea stains, people and dog wear).

4 years later, the cover is a disaster.

SO, this past weekend while we were out in the GTA, GW bravely headed into IKEA to get another cover.  See, that's the beauty of this couch; ruin your old cover?  Just go buy a new one!  If they ever make replacement cushions, we might never need to buy a new couch, ever!

GW has only been in IKEA twice before.  Seriously.  I was a bit worried about him, but I did the pre-research, and was able to tell him the names and approximate locations of the two things we needed.  I did forget, however, that IKEA's furniture all has fun(ny) names, and he wasn't familiar with that.  He bravely told the guy at IKEA that he needed the Vellinge beige cover, but had no idea what couch it was supposed to go on.  I would have loved to see the sales guy's face when GW said "I'm not sure if the couch is from IKEA".  Tee hee.  Fear not, it's the good ol' Ektorp, serving pseudo-grown-ups for over 10 years!

Ugh, so dirty.
So pretty!
(don't mention how close it's colour is to the wall.  Grr)

Now I just need some new pillows.  Home Sense?  I'll see you soon :)

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