Thursday, November 22, 2012

Christmas Cheer: Take 1

This year, I tried something new with our lights.  There are so many places that we could put them, and have in the past.  Up the path, in the boston ivy.... that's about it.

We decorate the backyard, as we don't really ever see the front.  Hmm... maybe we should be doing the front too.  I think that's something to leave for next year.

Pokey helping out, as usual.
All done!

I got the strand put on the house before GW got home from work!  I take my Wife-y role quite seriously :)

Just our flood lights...
Hard to tell, but there's a
mini tree and gate lights in there.
Then I headed out to set up the back path.  I changed out the flood light to red, but it smelled super hot (that bad burning smell), and I was worried it might be a voltage mismatch somehow, and would be a fire hazard.  Hmmm.  No red flood light this year!

The lights at the gate are also on there from a while ago, but they're plugged in again!

It actually stays up all year, but not plugged in.
One final touch... our sunroom.  Simple garland with some lights.

You'll notice all the lights are white.  I've found I always preferred their crispness against the snow compared to multi-coloured ones.  The snow will be here soon enough.

Did you notice something else?  I managed to take non-blurry, decent photos of Christmas lights!  I don't have an SLR, but managed to do it on my point and shoot.  I've read lots of posts on how to do it with an SLR, which hasn't been any use to me, but am glad to have finally sorted it out myself.

Here's how.  I have various pre-set modes on my camera, and one is called "snow".  I set it to that, and then to take the photo without a flash.   It seems to capture a really great Christmas lights shot, even in the dark!

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