Sunday, December 9, 2012

Christmas Cheer: The Finale

I follow a blog which often makes me laugh, frequently inspires me, and regularly teaches me new things.  The Art of Doing Stuff has some pretty great tutorials, and quite frankly, Karen takes things on like I do; where it's worth trying, and very likely something that can be done before calling in extra help.

It was more of a reminder than anything this year, but when I saw her post about this, I got myself motivated to take the Christmas Challenge.  Start a month out, and get all your things done in time so that you can actually enjoy the holiday season without all the rush.

I've managed to get 85% of my list done by today, and will be content if the rest doesn't get done as it's the "nice to do" not the "have to do".

The gifts are wrapped, and under the tree :)  I have one left to do, but it can't be wrapped anyways.  GW has nearly gotten his gifts all taken care of, so at this rate, neither of us will be waist deep in crazy shoppers come Dec 22nd.

Quite frankly, a tree with presents underneath it is much more enjoyable!

Hopefully you can take the Christmas Challenge next year with me, if you didn't this time around, and then you can fill your rainy days of December (ahem, I should say snowy, but it's raining today) ... you can spend them curled up on the couch watching movies with your Family :)

(and now... back to making a craft room island, hanging shelves in the guest room, getting photos for a frame at work, sanding/etc a wood window, routering/staining doll house shelves, putting outlets/lights in the craft room, oh... and then, starting the reno work of the music room.  LOL.  Ahhh, the relaxing I will do)

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