Sunday, December 2, 2012

Christmas Cheer: Take 2

Yup, it's all finished!  I managed to get the inside all changed over to the Christmas decorations.  It's something I enjoy and also loathe, only because I have grande visions sometimes which don't always come to fruition.

This year, I added in a new trick (something I saw on Pinterest) and after we got our mini tree this week, it was full speed ahead this weekend.  With the two days of errands, fitting in the decorating took a little more motivation than I expected, but it's done!  Whee!

I'll basically let the photos speak for themselves, but essentially it's a lot of little things - candles here, candles there (red, green and sparkly, of course).  A couple mini trees (live and otherwise), elves clothing, and the new addition from Pinterest.

"BELIEVE" - not a great angle, but you can see
the flowers and tree better.
Elves clothing on the line; snowflake candle lantern

Here's what else we're enjoying...

Our 2' tree
Candles all over
Leftover Christmas

In our errands, we also got new pillows for our new couch cover.

One of them has all different types of teas written on it, another is some French I haven't bothered to read yet, and the third is just a little pop of colour.

We also got a curtain rod to finally hang drapes in our bedroom.

In the summer, it wasn't so bad because it didn't get dark very early, but now it's a bit of a show up there when the sun is setting before 5:30pm.  I hung them without measuring (BAM) and did the levelling by eye (POW).

Next up?  Wrapping presents... then Christmas Cheer is complete!

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