Monday, December 17, 2012

The Craft Room: Part 5

I'm nearly there!  Remember this?

Dang wall, making dark corners

Well, the building work is done... and just the decor details are left!

With GW's help, I managed to push ahead this weekend and get the top of the island done.  I had been trying desperately to find a used piece, or a remnant, or something so that I would be helping reduce someone else's landfill contribution, but to no avail.

Silly edge needing a trim
We found ourselves at Home Depot, and managed to get a piece of melamine that the staff was more than pleased to cut to size for us (really, he was quite enthused).  Then we found the veneer glue stuff for the edges, and once we got home, I ironed it on like a pro. But they didn't have the right width in the white that we needed, so there's still some rasping to do.

(please ignore the pile of laundry behind it!)

Once I was done all that, and had cleared my lungs and head from the fumes (phew!), it was time to install it!  GW came down to help me by holding the worktop in place while I attached some brackets underneath and on the front.  It's quite the worktop - 48" x 36"... although it fits the space well enough.

Then today, I attached the legs that I found for $2 each at the Habitat Reuse centre.  The tricky part was that they were about 6" too tall, and the floor is uneven, so I had to do each on it's own. Once I got them as close as I could, I put their adjustable feet on (need to keep the wood out of the flood zone) and then crawled underneath to attach their brackets.

Island from the back (it's not actually yellow)
Yay legs!

BAM!  Looky there... I've got a work island!  Oh man, it makes me feel so good knowing I have a space now to spread out without disrupting the rest of the house.  I still have to do a few things down there to finish the room; hang some wall items, paint some things, add some lights... but the biggest stuff is done!  Wheeee!!!

I'm going to do a full post and reveal (real blogger stylz) once I get the details all done - I just hope I get around to the details instead of diving right into the projects I want to work on down there!

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