Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Simply a Wonderful Christmas!

I hope yours was too!  We had a whirlwind 3 days going from one side of the province to the other, but thankfully the weather cooperated.  How was yours?  Great as well?  I really hope you took a moment to really share your time with friends and family, putting the world aside to enjoy the moment at hand.

Here's a few pics of our wonderful holidays!

We decided not to buy each other gifts this year, but instead to take a trip to Toronto by VIA to see the sights and enjoy some amazing food :)


Christmas Decor... here and there... stocking hung by the stairs with care.  I've had my cat in the tree for YEARS, but Glenn's was finished last year (my family all has cross stitched ones).


Smorgasbord!!!  Christmas Eve dinner and Christmas Day lunch.  They've turned, over time, into meals to sample many many savoury treats.

And top it all of with some wonderful gifts!

Pokey got a huge antler bone!  I got the Pippa Celebrate book, which is 1.5" of amazing photographs and recipes - straight from Britain to me!  BOGS - the do-it-all winterized rubber boot (5 star recommendation from me!)  and last but not least, heirloom pearls passed to me from Mom Waugh, who had them passed to her over 50 years ago from her Aunt (amazing).

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!


  1. First - I'm dying to have a Pippa book to myself. Second - the pearls are BEAUTIFUL and so is the sentiment of receiving them from momma Waugh, so sweet!

    1. Super awesome :) And.... go get the Pippa!!

  2. Well I was there for most of that but how lovely from Mom Waugh! You're really a part of the family :)