Sunday, March 10, 2013

Look what I can do!

This weekend I made it my mission to keep going on the wall.  I'm not usually so keen to keep at a project (motivation isn't always at full force), but I'm enjoying this one - likely because of all the lines, the details, and toys :)

Stop me if I've told you this already (well, just skip ahead) but we ran into quite a pickle when we went to choose the trim for finishing inside each of the panel 'boxes'.  The pre-finished panel pieces we got were supposed to be 3/4" deep, and I had found a couple of trims that I thought would look nice.  Wrong.

We took an actual piece of our panelling to Home Depot with us and found out that it wasn't 3/4" deep... but somewhere around 9/16".  Really?  9/16"  C'mon.  SO, that eliminated all of the options I had already chosen.  We did find one piece that was 9/16", but it was wider than we were looking for.  The only thing we could do was bring it home to try, and thankfully, it looks okay!

On Thursday night, I took the 10ft piece of trim we had gotten and painstakingly measured each cut to do a trial of our only option.  With the fancy saw the whole project wasn't too bad and as I mentioned, it looks pretty good.  On Friday night I did more.  Then Saturday I did more.  And yup, Sunday I did more yet.

Instead of nailing the pieces of trim up, I got some "no more nails" adhesive.  It would have been faster with the nail gun, but as the plaster wall has those lovely natural waves, nailing the trim could have resulted in wavy trim.  I figured that would be a nightmare to caulk later, so instead I glued the pieces flush to the edge of the panelling as best I could.

One other point of frustration with this was the stripe of plaster-disaster about 2-3ft up the wall.  It looked like there had been some sort of gash from one side to the other, and I can't figure out why.  The people who patched it didn't have the patience for sanding or putting on more than one layer of plaster.  It was a mess.  I sanded down what I could, dug out some other bits with a chisel, and have done my best at making it look like just another plaster wave :)

Anyways... enough chatty-chat, look what I did!

Panelling done...
Some trim up (not glued yet)
BAM!  Trim up and glued

I know what you're thinking, "you haven't do the door yet".  Nope, I haven't.

When I had cut a couple of pieces, I realized that I had to find way to get the door to stay closed while I worked on it.  I went to Home Hardware and got a latching mechanism and some new drill bits to install it with, but am not in the mood to put it up today.

Why not?

First one...
Second bigger one...
Because I've just had my second injury of the weekend, and am staying away from tools for a bit.

I didn't cut myself on the saw, per se... but on the safety guard.  Both Times.  They're super deep paper-cuts made by metal.  Awesome.

What's the lesson of the day?  Sometimes even when you have your safety glasses on, your hearing protection on, and tuck your thumb in EACH time you make a cut (over 100 by my count)... you aren't being safe enough.


  1. Gloves? I thought we learned that lesson last time?

    But your wall looks AWESOME! I'm so impressed! Are you doing any other walls the same? What colour will the room be? It's exciting to watch the change. Thanks for sharing!

    Yes, a 2x4 is no longer 2" by 4", but 1 1/2 x 3 1/2. All wood seems to be that way these days. Another lesson learned.

    1. I knew that about 2x4, etc... but thought since this was essentially MDF pressed crap, that they'd make it the size they said it was. Boo.

      I actually feel less safe wearing gloves while using a saw, only b/c I worry about it getting caught somewhere somehow. I'm going to grab a rasp and round out all the metal edges I can find!

  2. That looks badass!!! Amazing talent!!!

    1. Thanks Katie!! It's no turkey dinner, but this is where my skills are!

  3. Wow its really coming along! Its hard to envision the finished product with the differences in colour but I'm really looking forward to seeing it all painted up. Congrats on a job well done, especially considering all the tedious cuts!

    1. you should see me today - screwing up a hundred times over while trying to get the minute bits of the door done. We'll see what it looks like by this weekend!

    2. From the sneak previews I got, it's going to look terrific! Great job!