Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The hidden door... what door?

The motivation continued, and I'm pleased to say that the hidden door is... well, hidden!! (essentially)

Over the weekend, I got all the trim put into the 'boxes' of our panels.  The last things to do were the panels on the door, and to find some sort of latching system to keep the door closed.  Well, I did both!

I found a latch that gets put into the door, and then it kind of pops into place when you close it.  The latch doesn't need any release feature, just push the door again and it'll open.  No magnets, no hooks, etc.

I also bought myself some new drill bits (looks like I did need that 3/4" one again, Dad) and sat down to look at it for a while.  The box didn't have any instructions (thanks manufacturer) so I needed that sitting and thinking time because I didn't want to do it 3 or 4 times.  It worked out within a couple of hours, as it was in, and keeping the door closed well!

Here are some progress shots.

The latch
My tricky figuring
The receiving side's chisel work

I was pretty proud of myself after that, y'know - wielding a chisel, guessing where to put the receiving side, etc.  So I called it quits on a high note for the night... before I cut myself somehow (again).

Last night I started on the trim to hide the door.  I only managed to get the top 'box' put together as there was a lot of thinking involved.  I tried to do a compound mitre cut to allow some pass-through room for the edges, but that was a wash, so I had to rethink it a different way.

I got it figured out though, and tonight got the bottom 'box' put together.  YAY!!!

Top box
Bottom box

I still have all the caulking to go... all the priming... all the painting.  BUT, it's so very exciting to actually be able to look at something in real life that I've seen in my head for months.  

I know the door looks like it's a smaller panel, but it's not.  I measured :)
I think it looks more narrow because I took the photo on an angle (the room is too small to do it straight on).

I know some have asked what colour we're painting the room, but until we get it confidently on the walls, I'm not going to share  :)  GW wanted something really dark, but I was a bit hesitant.
I think we've settled on a nice mid-dark, man-cave-book-readin'-CBC-listenin' colour.


  1. Looks fantastic! Well planned and executed! Way to faux!

  2. (Shaking head) Awesome...I'm SO impressed!

  3. Wow! That looks so amazing!!! Congrats on a job well done! Looking forward to seeing the next step :)

  4. Thanks ladies! It's been fun so far... but 1.5hrs of caulking tonight has been a challenge on the patience :-)