Sunday, May 26, 2013

If you build it...

When we decided that we wanted to have bookshelves on two walls of the music room, we were pumped to find that Target had a beautiful set of shelves that would work perfectly.  3 straight ones, and 1 for the corner.  Easy!  Well, not really - despite having Target in Canada now, we can't get the corner shelf.  It can only be purchased online... and only delivered to America.  Boo. So, I gallantly told GW that I'd build them myself, and I don't think he took me seriously for a while.  Wrong!

So far it's been easier than expected, and cheaper!  If we were to buy the full set from Target, it would have cost $800.  I've done the frames of 3 of the 4, and only spent $178.  Bam!  We have to get the backing, the trim, the stain and the corner shelf pieces... but I think it can be done for under $3-400.  Not too bad!

First I drew up a quick plan, then figured out my shopping list.  Over the past few days, I've managed to get the wood, and build the three straight shelves.  Whee!

There's something very satisfying about building things like this, and I have to give credit for the inspiration that Ana White provided.  She's a carpenter who lives in Alaska and builds her own furniture, putting plans on her site.  My shelves haven't come from one of her plans, but the ideas on there helped me get moving.

The wood 
Shelves cut, laid out
Here we go!

Yay!!!  3 of 4 done

Doing the corner shelf is going to be a bit more complex, and I want to add some trim to make the whole set look more 'finished'. . . but I'm feeling pretty pumped about getting this far :)

GW has offered to stain the whole set and if the nice weather keeps up, we might even have books on them within a month.  I know, it seems like a long time, but everything goes at it's own pace around here.

Her little spot...
not too far away from ours

I also took time this weekend to make a little seat for Pokaroo outside. She didn't really have a place to sit that wasn't on stone.

We picked up an outdoor cushion, I cut a board from the basement, and now she has a place to sit in the sun with us :)

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