Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Our backyard

Let the games begin!

When I moved into this house in August 2008, I told myself I had 5 years to get a handle on "Jumanji" before I would give up and just start pulling things out in a fit of rage.

Well, Jumanji lives on!  Spring is truly the best season for us to enjoy as there are two apple trees, one crab apple, one lilac,  the Japanese maple, the purple phlox and all the greens.  With the nights staying above 10degC, we go out after work and sit in the yard (me well dosed with anti-histamine) and just enjoy the scenery.

Here are a couple of the changes that have been progressing this Spring.

Aside from the pond being dirty, you'll notice that the two huge grasses have been removed.  They were nice, sure, but were too much.  Once they were 'in bloom' for the season, you couldn't barely get over there to tend to the pond itself.

and to the right!
Plant to the left...
We went to a garden centre on the weekend and picked two plants that had a little bit of personality, but wouldn't take over the pond.

I can't remember what either is called, lol (sorry!) but the one on the left has small white prickly poufs and will be twice as tall as wide. 

The one on the right is green and prickly looking in it's leaves, but has a red hue to parts of it with no flowers.

My Double Delight Rose
at the start of the year.
Look at them grow!
It was WAY more green
 before our vinegar spray.
The garden at the curb -
if we could only kill the vine

. . . and last but not least, my veggies!  The herb 'pots' are started inside, and hopefully the seeds will turn into something soon so that I can hang them outside.  Until then, the beans, peas, pepper plants and tomato plant are keeping me busy.

A couple of things to report.  The whole "pop bottle as drip irrigation" thing didn't work so well.  I guess 4 holes was too many?  The water just goes flying out of it.  Also, the squirrels or skunk (yup, saw him Monday morning) or whatever took quite an interest in digging up the bags of filler I had used in the pots.  Thanks idiot animal - you can't eat them.  And last but quite important, have a huge bag of chili powder on hand as it tends to keep the animals from snacking on the tiny plants.  Put more out each time it rains though!

Beans in the early days
Baby beans!
Now they've grown
New peppers & tomatoes!

Here's looking forward to a great growing season!


  1. Wow! The yard looks terrific! Good job. I'm impressed with your veggie pots, too. My tomatoes (thank you, again) are doing great, but the rest have bitten it, I think, so I'll have to replant. Your picture makes Jumanji look restful and very beautiful!

  2. Great stuff! What a lot of work. FYI I think the plant on the right that you can't remember the name of might be a Scarlett Pieris? We were looking at this same plant - it's colouring is very neat :) Well done!