Saturday, July 6, 2013

Next on CBC Radio 1....

That's what I'll be hearing a lot of now.  :)

Today marks the day that the Music Room is finally fit for consumption.  And tunes.  And Globe & Mail reading.  Those are a few of GW's plans for his spare moments from now on.

It was such a long time ago that we started the room, but I considered it a bit of an artisan thing instead of a construction thing.  I had the panelled wall, secret passageway and custom bookshelves to build.  I had never built anything before, and wanted something super custom, so patience was also in the recipe here.

Want to see how it looks?

Taaaaa Daaaaaaa!

Before I let you pour over a few other photos, I want to own up to the fact that I'm not 100% done.  Am I ever?

I still have to do the baseboards on the panelled wall (they'll be a bit tricky with the secret door) and the 10" of baseboard beside the bookshelf (I need to wait to use a leftover piece from the panelled wall).

We also need to hang a few photos, get a piece of glass for our liquor cabinet (to pour on), get a mirror for behind the door (for GW to practice conducting) and change the main door out to an old french door that I found.

If you'd like to take a look at any of the steps we took along the way, here's the link to all the posts for the Music Room.  And now... the details

Our oversized armchair.  A
must have, but tricky because
the room is only 10.5' x 10.5'
The slipper chair we got
 to match.  Both chairs
are from Pier 1.
Corner liquor cabinet
with card-catalog drawer
pulls from Lee Valley

I forgot to take a photo of the crown moulding that I put up, and also one of the electrical outlet I had to install at the bottom of a bookshelf.

Our beautiful new/old piano &
the guestbook from our
wedding.  Thanks Megan!
GW's guitar, music stand,
and part of our gallery wall.
The real reason for our
panelled wall -
my Secret Passageway!

The outlet is for our radio with new transmitter so we can listen to tunes outside!  To GW, this means CBC Radio 1 will be wherever he is. Always.  :)

The one thing I'll say to you, my friends, is this.  I think I've said it before.  My apologies if I have.  BUT.... if you want something done, just do it.  Seriously.  Just try.  What can it hurt.  I did my drawings, I took my time, and made this room exactly what I wanted it to be.  
Thankfully, the Husband it was made for is pretty happy with it too!

Birds-eye view of my new favourite reading spot.
(Thanks Grandpa for the Mickey rug so many, many years ago!)

Don't forget to leave me a comment!  I always love to hear your thoughts or your suggestions :)


  1. Wow-zee-dow! ! It looks spectacular! ! May you have many years of enjoyment in your cosy refuge! Great job. How the heck did you take the aerial shot?! Standing on top of the piano?!

    1. Lol, I just held my arm up really high - and after taking a few of them, I got it right :)
      and, thanks!!

  2. Yowzers! Nice job! Can't wait to see it in person!