Thursday, August 1, 2013

Summer relaxin'

So, there hasn't been much happening around here.  Well, not by our hands anyways.  We do have a friend, Michael, helping us out with the front garden as we have finally acknowledged that we can't manage both the back and the front.  We're not naturally gardening folk, so Jumanji has been too much for us.  Actually - I did give myself 5 years after moving in here before I'd admit defeat.... August 25th will be the 5th year anniversary!

Check out the latest Jumanji pics!  AND the chandelier that my Dad helped me put up :)

I show you the light quickly first.  We found that there was an opportunity for Dad to come out to help one night... so after MUCH hunting for the perfect light, we got one that "would do".  And you know what, it works really nicely and fits the room like an original - it seems worrying about getting the perfect one wasn't worth the stress.  I'm sure there's a lesson in there somehow :)

Looky there.....
... a new light!!  Only baseboard & french door to go!

Now, check out all Michael's hard work on the front yard!!  Step 1 - clear it all away, keep the weeds at bay.

Under the front window
Behind the fence
The other side of the path

And what's happening in the backyard?

Well, again, nothing too much, but...

Ooooh Tomatoes!! 
Big this year!
I forgot.... we had a GREAT rainbow
out front the other day.  There were 2
actually, but the 2nd is hard to see

Check out the next post for the BEST things about the backyard  :)

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