Sunday, March 2, 2014

The basement finale

Well, the basement is as clean as it's going to get for now.  6 boxes went to Goodwill, I have about 15-20 things to go on kijiji, lots of recycling went out, and there's only a small pile left of things that need to be sorted.  I think I only put out 4 grocery size bags of garbage... for the whole basement.  Boo Yah!

The next steps down there are to build a workbench for the wood shop, and then to get new containers for my craft room.  With all the extra things I found that need to be in the craftroom, I need a proper set of containers.  Proper to me means matching, clear (so I can see what's in them) and that fit the shelving I have down there. 

Workshop corner before...
... and after!

Back corner before...
... and after!

GW's corner before...
... and after!


Main area before...
... and after...
... and the boxes left to sort.  Phew!

Perhaps this afternoon, I'll get my backside moving and get the ads up on kijiji!  


  1. Got a spot for your doll house yet? Ha, Ha!
    L - D.

    1. Haha, it's not going down there, but upstairs. I have to finish the baseboards up there... le sigh, haha. Always something somewhere! Xoxo