Friday, March 7, 2014

The Kitchen begins!


Many moons ago, I saw a picture on Pinterest that I loved.  And of course, I had to find a way to put it in our house.

With the Music Room being 99% complete, the guilt of starting a new project is relatively minor.... SOOO, this weekend's Lady-Do involves a little demolition.

This is the photo that inspired me.  I loved the open and clean look of it, and LOVED the jars.  Let's talk about those jars.  Gorgeous!

Our pantry is currently a cupboard about a foot wide, but almost twice as deep.  This means that things get stacked upon each other, and you can't always get to what you need.  It's also taller on the inside than the door is, and has an HVAC pipe running from floor to ceiling in front of the shelves.  

The only moment of regret I'm going to have is that the pantry is original to the house.  But I think that what we're going to do will add so much more of a vintage/antique feel that it'll be worth it.

A while ago I shared a photo of the jars that we got to keep all of our pantry items in.  We've got 20-25 of them (I can't remember)... 7 of which hold tea.  Lol.  I also purchased some unique labels for them, although I haven't put the labels together yet.  It makes for an adventure every once and a while when you can't tell if it's salt or sugar in the jar that you're holding.

We didn't intend to be doing this project right now, but two gentle pokes from the universe got us moving.  
  1. The smaller fridge that we had chosen to replace our big one (which we only use 2/3 of) was all of a sudden discontinued.  After weeks of watching the fridge at two online retailers, checking for a great sale, one Saturday morning they were gone.  We managed to find it, in person, at a local appliance store, so we bought it and they are kindly holding the fridge for us until we're ready.  We prefer supporting local anyways, so I'm glad we could this time.
  2. This winter has been so cold that our furnace spends a lot of time running.  The humidifier down there hasn't worked since I moved in, and I wasn't brave enough to try and fix it.  Once the -20deg C days kept on coming, and the dog got progressively more static-y, GW made some calls to get an HVAC technician in here.  In having them come (next week) it only made sense to have the furnace pipe in the pantry moved back against the wall while they were here.
This weekend, my Mum and I are going to try and take the pantry down.  Here's what's going to go wrong... it'll be messy and tight as I don't have anywhere else to put the huge fridge right now, the tile was cut around the pantry and the HVAC so it'll have to be replaced, I'll cut my hand despite wearing gloves (as I always do), and patching the walls again will be difficult and take forever.

So here's the vision!

I'm going to create a shelving cabinet/shelving unit that has a hoosier cabinet feel, but with extra shelves above and around the fridge to it's right.  Hoosier cabinets were popular up until the 1920's, and I saw one once at an antique shop in town and ADORED it.

The only difference for ours will be that I won't keep both of the upper cabinets, only the one on the left.  I'll put open shelves on the right to blend the hoosier with the extra shelves on top.  I hope it'll look okay!

This is going to take some time, as all good projects do.... as I've never built a cabinet before (from scratch), let alone drawers, but I'm sure it'll be something of pride when it's finished.  

But step one starts tomorrow!

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