Saturday, May 24, 2014

More to come

Hi All!

I wanted to send you a quick note while on a project break over here to explain my absence over the past few weeks.

After the workbench got completed, I had to get started on a couple of projects that are coming to an end soon.  One is working on hosting a wedding shower for my sister which will be on June 1st!  The second thing is my first commissioned carpentry piece - a marquis display for a friend who is a wedding coordinator!  Both of these have certainly been fun projects, but I do wish I had started them both earlier.  

At any rate, the reason I haven't been updating anything is that I wanted both to be finished and their events done before I posted all the details. 

SO, next weekend I'll have a proper update when I get back home.  For now... enjoy a photo of Jumanji in today's beautiful weather!

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