Thursday, May 8, 2014

Workbench is finished*

I think I'm going to start putting an asterisk with the word 'finished' every time I use it in the context of a project, this blog, our house, etc.

I say this, because finished never truly means finished... it just means "I'm happy with it for now, although I have another thing or two that I'm going to do with it before I'm REALLY finished"

That being said... my new workbench is finished* !!!!!

As you may recall, in all the excitement of doing woodwork, I figured it was about time to create a place to be doing all this fun stuff.  Not only so that I wouldn't be sitting on the concrete floor, but so that I would have a flat surface to work on and somewhere that I could stand up instead of hunch over (silly bad back).

If you want to see the building post, here it is.  And the "how to" post will be coming (eventually)... but this is the "ain't it purdy?!" post  :)


After I added the lower shelf... 
... and the lovely stain colour!

Here's the new home of my saw...
... and of all my projects to be!

Taaaa Daaaaa!


  1. Looks great. Good job Beth. Now make us one.
    L - D.

    1. Haha, just let me know when you want me out there to help! We've done it once, a second time would be that much easier (I think)

  2. Have the plans up yet?!?!? I want to build this!!

    1. Here it is!! Sorry it took so long, I honestly didn't think anyone was interested :)