Sunday, July 20, 2014

Long awaited return!

Good morning all!  Another woodwork wedding project to share with you today, but first...

I realize it's been forever since I last posted (well, a month) but it's been a busy month.  After my last post, my life was filled with social appointments instead of 'designing and doing' around the house.  I had my sister's bachelorette, then my beautifying appointments leading up to her wedding the following weekend with "end of the school year" celebrations in-between.  It was certainly a whirlwind!  Once we congratulated the new couple, I got to building this post and then our computer died!

With many a phone call from GW, he successfully got MAC to cover the repairs, but it took a couple of weeks… so I was blog-frozen.  BUT, I'm Back!!!

So, here's the latest I put together for a wedding in town.  They wanted wooden frames to suspend from backdrops to support a flower installation.

2x2 to make 24" x 36" frames

Cap on the bottom to hide the ends
Getting painted up

All finished up by the decor folk

Taa Daa!!!  I hope there are other ways to use them, as I
can think of one myself already!

If anyone thinks they might like to rent them for an event, let me know and I'll put you in contact with who I made them for!


  1. It's great that your Mac was finally fixed. There are a lot of things that you're doing, and not having a computer at your disposal could make things a bit harder for you. Why did it take a couple of weeks? Was there a part that had to be requested elsewhere? I hope the next time any gadget of yours needs repair, it wouldn't take that long. Take care!

    Cordia Remsen @ RB's Computer Service

    1. Hi Cordia! The delay was actually in waiting for MAC to respond, but it all worked out in the end :) Cheers!