Sunday, September 7, 2014

Sunroom Sectional

So, I've been neglecting my blogging duties again - I'm sorry!  To be honest, there really hasn't been a lot going on here at good ol' Project Jumanji - not with projects anyways.

After my last post, we got deep into planning mode for our vacation!  We went to Venice and then on a cruise through the Greek Islands and down to Turkey.  It was two weeks of awesomeness.  Well worth the few years it took to save for the trip.  When we got back, I had a horrible cold, and then with some challenging weather I've been in and out of migraine hell basically since we returned. 

BUT, through this, I managed to spend a couple of hours with my sewing machine, and a couple more supervising GW so that we could get the sectional done for the sunroom.

This was a build I had my eye on for a while, and got renewed enthusiasm for it after spending time lounging in the solarium on our cruise ship.  I had found plans for a storage sofa on Ana White's page, and adapted it (as usual) to make it into a sectional for our sunroom.  It wasn't that difficult, once I got the drawings done and figured out my cut list.  That's the only trouble with not doing it from the exact plan; you have to be sure to do your own plan down to the smallest detail if you want the building part to go quickly.

At any rate, I got it done, and between GW and I, we got the pieces all cut.  I took the opportunity to use my Kreg Jig on this project, and it worked like a dream.  I now feel confident enough to use it when I finally get around to the kitchen pantry (oops!).

The "addition"
The bigger side
Pokey got surprisingly comfortable in there

Once it was built into four pieces (two backs, two bases), GW brought them upstairs and put it together in the sunroom - legs and all.  Then we built the seat parts together - wood, foam, batting and material x 3.  It didn't go too badly, to be honest.  I also spent time sewing pillow covers for the throw pillows that we're using as back support.  The last step was installing the hinges and the chains to allow us to open the seats to the storage underneath.  Taa daa!

The seats on there, hinges in place (phew!)
All in all, it took probably 7-12 hours spread over nearly a month.  I didn't want to lock down and do it all in one go as I knew there were so many steps that I'd get overwhelmed.  Since the sewing was overwhelming in and of itself (a saw is so much easier than a Singer), I actually did it "commercial warrior" style.

Anyways, we've already enjoyed some time out in the sunroom - in nature, but not in the direct sun, or the direct rain.  Only indirect rain. Yup, the window behind the sectional has lost all of it's putty, paint, etc.  Guess what's getting a layer of plastic outside to hopefully buy me some time … I fear that refinishing the 8 x ___ paned window is going to be quite a project.  I don't even think it'll fit in the basement!

Taaaa Daaaaaa!!!

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