Sunday, October 12, 2014

Re-warming an old house

Nope, this post isn't at all what you're thinking… we haven't done anything exciting and dramatic around here to cozy up our space.  Although, it is the season for log burning fires (soon!), turning the heat on (regretfully), and using every excuse possible to get a grande white chocolate mocha from Bucks ;)

This post is a bit of a sidetrack from Project Jumanji - instead it's a bit of helping someone else pretty up their space!

My girlfriend bought a new, old house in the country full of beautiful woodwork, really awesomely high ceilings, and even pocket doors!  While they were thinking about what to put in their space to make it home, the decided that the house would feel a bit more like home with a fireplace mantle.  They don't have an actual fireplace box there, but I can totally see the appeal of having a mantle anyways - a focal piece of a room, stockings at Christmas, somewhere to put the vase from Crazy Aunt Millie… you know.  SO, I got to work on my 3rd commissioned piece this year.

I put together three designs, as I didn't know which they might prefer, but they picked one that matched the trim they had around their house already.  Over the past week, I've been cutting everything to size, putting it together, sanding, etc.  and they were able to pick it up today to take it home!  Yay!!!

Step 1 & 2 - Cut pieces and
create the vertical boxes
Step 3 - 'mock up' to see how huge
it's going to be
Step 4 - move it upstairs and
start the horizontal pieces

Step 5 - more horizontal pieces

Step 6 - add the top and the trim

I don't want to say this was easy, as I messed up a few things… a few times.  BUT, it was definitely a satisfying build.  I'm also glad I put it together upstairs as it would never have come out of the basement!

Taa Daaa!

(my friend is going to do the painted finish on it, as I was really worried about messing it up)

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    1. Thanks! Let me know when you want to 'book' me to help with the redo of yours ;) and all those shelves