Saturday, September 13, 2014


Yup, it's only Saturday night and I'm already glowing inside from the productivity around here.  I think it's down to GW being up to a meeting by 9:30am, so I would have felt like a slug if I didn't get up and go too.  He also left me the car to go get wood, which meant that if I didn't get up and go, then he would have arranged alternate travel for nothing.

SO, as of 9:30, I was up, in the car and on my way to Starbucks then Lowe's so I could get some motivation ('Bucks) and some wood to build . . . .


Project #1 
Our poor steps at the back of the garage (leading to the pond) have been rotting off for a while now.  The proper way to do this would have been to tear them all off, but the top one wasn't too bad, and the support wasn't horrible either.  Waste not, want not - I worked with what was there and simply replaced the two steps that were too bad to keep. 

Yup, that's Pokaroo "helping" me.  She stayed outside for all of 2 minutes and then went
into the sunroom to lay on the sectional instead.  

Project #2
The second project in that area was "the dock" which leads (basically) from the steps of the garage out to the pond.  We use it for watching the frogs :)   The photo on the left is the underside of what we previously had (which I never knew was red)… and the right is the new brown pressure treated wood.  

Project #3
AGES ago, we had picked up these concrete blocks (on the left there) from some ancient war-time bunker in a town near us.  We have used them for various things in the yard, and this stack was meant to be a meditation bench, as it looks out onto the pond.  Well, some many months later… I used a board we had in the basement, got an extra piece of foam and waterproof material, lined the underside of the wood with plastic and put a piece of trim on to stop the bench from sliding off the stones.  It's a bit cold and wet to enjoy it right now, but there it is!

I hope your weekend was full of motivation and productivity!  
I predict that tomorrow will be more of a vegetative-couch kind of day.

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    1. Thanks Kelly! Everything was surprisingly easy, and I wish I had done it all sooner. Better late than never though ;)