Sunday, December 21, 2014

Reclaimed snowflake decor

Now, the snowflake itself isn't reclaimed… I fear that simply isn't possible.  BUT, when this project was only a twinkle in my eye sometime last winter, I stumbled upon a pile of old wood at my parent's place.  They had taken a cistern out of their second floor bathroom at the farmhouse, and also removed all the wood that was there around the cistern itself.  It's tongue-and-groove wood, and had old paint and pencil marks and whatnot on it.  Yes please!!

The time finally came when winter was upon us again, and it was about time to get our house decorated for the season….. so away I went!!

Get yourself some old wood
Make the bottom braces square
Use screws to put the boards on
Until you're completely done
Taa daaa - the front
Add some nails
Add yarn (decide Mum was right…)
Add more points… "Y"s


I don't know if it'll always live on the ground by the fireplace (as we use the fireplace through the winter) so it'll likely move around a bit before I'm happy with where it is.  It's just over 2ft x 2ft though, and quite solid, so there aren't a lot of safe places for it.  We'll see!

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