Saturday, January 3, 2015

Christmas Quickie

For ages now, I've had this picture sitting on my Pinterest page, with complete intentions of making it as a centrepiece for our dining room table.  I wanted it to be something to hold candles in the winter, and perhaps potted blooms in the spring, etc.  Well, step one was building it - so after pinning it 41 weeks ago, I finally did it.

I'm not 100% on the arrangement
All lit up for NYE
Simple edges

It was kind of simple when I got down to it.  I think the problem was that I wanted to originally do it with mitred edges and invisible joints (hidden screws)… but I think I'm fine with what it turned out to be.

I am going to have to stain it still, and then create inserts for the various things I want to use it for… but I'll get around to that eventually.  Perhaps in another 41 weeks ;)

In the meantime, enjoy our holiday mantle!  

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