Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Kitchen Motivation

On another snowy night, I thought I'd share some inspiration with you as it's constantly going through my mind right now.  That's right, the motivation to get the kitchen "pantry" done has returned!

Do I have the time to build it… or have I laid the tile that needs to be done first?  Nope :-)   But I can dream, right?  So what am I dreaming about...

My initial inspiration
Another beauty!
This one's huge!!
This hoosier cabinet is what I'm dying to have in our house… but we wouldn't be able to find a perfectly sized one, so I'm going to try and fake it!

Aren't these gorgeous!  The all wood one is insane!

Open shelving for jars
Add a wood counter
Perhaps bead-board backing?
To make the best use of the space I'm putting the "cabinet" in, I wanted to leave the right-side upper half as open shelving and add more of the same above it - for all our jars!

I'm also going to put a wood block countertop on to give it richness.

Solid doors?
Or maybe glass?
Leaded on one, maybe?
For the highest point, up near the ceiling, I've been toying with whether I should put open shelves, or perhaps a set of mini upper cabinets?

I hope that the main left-side hoosier door can be lead glass to match our bay windows!

Anyways, after seeing all the pics, you must be able to see why I'm getting the motivation to put this thing together.  I hope it'll be as lovely as I can see it in my mind… although I'm sure figuring out the cuts and whatnot is going to be a nightmare!  My plan is to build the base first, and then frame in the outside of the whole structure and add doors, in-between shelves, etc, after the fact.  Hopefully it'll be a much better use of the space than our previous pantry was!  At least having the extra counter space will be a bonus.

(ignore the fuzzy pics… I'll master taking pro shots as I go someday!)

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