Saturday, February 21, 2015

The latest goings-ons

Hello all?  Are you frozen yet?  It's crazy cold here, and I've actually started to get used to it I think.  It doesn't mean I like it, but I don't step out the back door under false hope of thawed nostrils anymore.

I'm not actually finished much of anything right now, so I thought I'd share a progress post to hilite the many projects I'm splitting my motivation between.  It sounds counterproductive, but as any DIY Craftsperson will tell you, one can't always be assured that your motivation will go in a straight line.  Or maybe just my Mum would say the same… so then it's a genetic problem, and we'll begin the search for a cure… once we're finished what we're working on.

Anyways… kitchen island, woodworking, kitchen floor, dollhouse, etc…

Kitchen cabinets

Taa daa!  There's a small snippet for you of the kitchen cabinet doors that I did for a friend.  She and her hubby painted them and put on the knobs.  They're hanging them now and working on a backsplash and painting the kitchen entirely so that they can get their house sold this spring.  I think it was a good repurpose of something old.  We saved the door faces from a landfill (for now) and likely the cabinets too - I don't think you could have just bought new faces for them as the doors seemed to come in about 8 different sizes.

Dollhouse Bookshelf

Here's my next big project for the Waugh Woodshop.  Yes, it looks like a pile of wood, but it's actually the 13 pieces required for the dollhouse bookshelf.  Next step is to paint it and then put it together and do a bit of detail work.  Actually, come to think of it, I forgot to cut a roof brace.  Grr.  I guess there's 14 pieces for the dollhouse.  

Kitchen Island

Yikes.  The left is the before we sand it down… the right is mid-way.  The gunk on there is years of who knows what, that's proven to scrape off easier than sand off.  (shudder)

Kitchen tiles

Yup, that's tiling… which I've never done… but thankfully found the extra tiles leftover in the basement from the previous owners.  
I was considering cutting a full tile around the back pipe, but since all of these will be under a cabinet, I might just save it as a full tile in case we have to replace a broken one in the middle of the floor somewhere …. just in case.

The impossible edge

I'm sure there's a proper way to do the edge of drywall meets 1939 door trim… and I think I figured it out after pouring over the metal edges at HD.  Somewhat.  I'm onto the second coat of putty now on this project, and once we get that finished, we can prime this whole section and then try to match the paint that's already there - whee!?  I actually think that I'm going to paint the 'outcropping' where the pipe is the same colour as the cabinets so that it blends in a bit more.

SOOOOO, what are you up to?  Are you buried in motivation too?  As the snow is starting to come down over here, I can't think of a better way to be… well, either motivated with 100 things to do, or tucked up on the couch beside a roaring fire with a glass of Dreaming Tree - which might be my 'reward' for a day of hard work.

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