Sunday, March 22, 2015

Dollhouse Bookshelf

The second of the five requests that I got for the Waugh Woodshop all at the same time (oops, lol), was a custom dollhouse bookshelf.

I grabbed the measurements of the space they wanted to put it in, and also some photos of the furniture already in the room so that I could try and make it even slightly similar.  I can say that I don't know how successful I was on that last point, but it's cute nonetheless.

I wasn't able to find any pine boards deep enough (the deepest was 11.5" and even then, the boards were filled with knots and warped), so I used pine sanded plywood instead.

I was lucky to almost get all of the pieces cut out of one sheet of ply.  I actually had some of the same product leftover from a prior build, so I was able to grab the extra pieces from that.  I drew it all out, cut it all out, then put putty over the knots in the wood, sanded, primed, built it and then did all the finishing touches.  It's quite a beast of a build, but it needed to be solid enough to support books until it's ready to be used as a dollhouse.

I left it painted white all over, except for the back 'windows' as personalizing it when the time is right is going to be something Mum & Dad do with Little E.  It'll be simple enough for them to tape over the windows I drew, or to paint over them entirely, whatever suits her vision at the time.

Taaaaaaaaa Daaaaaaaa!

Little E loved it :)

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  1. Stunning work! Love the window with shutters on the outside!

    1. Thanks Kel! There's a window like that on each side, one in each of the smaller 'rooms'. Had to let some light in ;)