Sunday, April 19, 2015

Spring has Sprung!

Finally!  The warm weather has made it here to our fair town, and as a result, we've spent a few hours out in the yard trying to get things ready for the nice weather to stay.  Every year we're optimistic that we can win the battle of creating a low maintenance garden with the Jumanji we're blessed to own.  But, that's for another post…

Today I'm sharing a bit of what's (finally) been started in the kitchen on the new 'hoosier'!

It really has been a long time coming, but with battling migraines and having to figure out a time to get out there and get the wood, and between the other projects I've got on the go… it just worked that now was right.

I guess I'll do this mostly by photos, because unless you're building it yourself, there's not much you'll want to hear about:
  • the challenges of the corner - why we didn't worry about making the framing around the 'pipe' level… I don't know.  I hope this doesn't have huge long term effects, but lesson learned, the level will be out going forward
  • the hardships of not being extra extra careful when joining together the scrap wood for the countertop.  There's lots of sanding to go, but I tell myself, it'll look "authentic" with it's uneven top (right?)
  • the 50 other steps I have to do before this is finished.  For now, the next three things are finishing the countertop, getting the 1x2 for the 'face' of the cabinet, and then figuring out the door and drawers (shudder)
Until the next time… enjoy!

We managed to find grout that nearly matched!                     Hopefully the countertop will come out alright.

I had to use lots of clamps, and lots of kreg holes, but all in all it was a pretty smooth build… although the base
(or perhaps the floor) is a bit 'off' so we'll have to shim it level (yes, level) before building the top section

Surprisingly putting down painters tape and then measuring it was just the bit of confidence I needed, and once
I managed to get the base/top cut, putting the sides together and getting it in place was very accomplishing!

Sunday morning...
Sunday afternoon!!!

I've got a long, long way to go… but so far I think I like what I see!

It isn't turning out to be exactly like the photos I'd found online, and I think that's because I had to make it about a foot less wide than plans generally call for…. but it's coming together!

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  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Megan! I'm just wrapping my brain around how to do the drawers now...

  2. Awesome! The front looks so smooth and Professional! What kind of hardware do you have in mind for the drawers?

    1. A-Thank-You!! My "mouse sander" really has done me well (the front feels as smooth as it looks). I actually haven't managed to pick any hardware yet, because I have to get enough to change out the whole kitchen :-S . . . it's gonna cost a big buck for sure :)